Exploring Parkville Apartments

When looking for Parkville apartments, it’s important to kick the tires, to make sure that you will be pleased with the place you rent. A new place always holds a little anxiety and excitement.

Kicking The Tires
While some parkville apartments will look great on the inside, and beautiful on the inside, they may have some serious flaws. Some flaws are signs that it’s best to move on from the apartment.

Go ahead, ask to see where the water heater is kept. It’s not a sexy question. And, no one wants to be in those tight quarters. Though, you need to know if the water heater could potentially explode and ruin your belongings. When was it last changed? Do they service it?

If it is rusty then it’s probably better to ask if they can replace it. If it’s 10 years old, ask for a replacement. Otherwise, move along. It’s not worth the insurance claim. It will be too much of a headache.

Water pressure is another huge part of daily life. If you are going to take a shower before work every day, you probably want there to be hot water pretty quickly. If it drips slowly out of the shower head, then that’s probably not going to do it for you. Also take note how long the water takes to get warm.

From there, take a look inside appliances, test them out, and even look under the kitchen sink. Be sure the heater and air conditioning work too.

Be sure to find out if you will be living in the unit you are being shown. Some states have laws about this. Know this, there are landlords out there who are crooked. If they can take advantage of people and bend the rules they will.

Look down at the floors. Make sure that the carpets and floor are in good shape and clean. Dusty windows are not likely to improve between now and your move-in unless you ask about it.

Getting back to the crooked landlords for a moment. To prevent being mislead, and being rented a lemon compared to the model apartment, do this. Do a walk-through with the landlord or property manager representative when it is time to sign the lease.

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