Creating Your Separate Bedroom Within Your Studio Apartment


Most people consider studio apartments to be the living choice that doesn’t require too much of spending. They are often cheap in terms of rent as they only feature one single room having a kitchen separately in one corner along with a bathroom. So, this one room has to serve different purposes including your office, bedroom, living room and dining room. The bedroom area can be efficiently and neatly separated for ensuring that maximum possible space can be utilized.

When starting to create your separate bedroom in studio apartments for rent in Jacksonville FL, start by deciding on whether windows are necessary to have in your living space or bedroom. The area should be measured before time, and some space planning has to be performed. If you throw parties and dinners too often, it is necessary for you to have big dining and living spaces, and you will have to subtract this space from your bedroom. In case if a combination of home office and a bedroom is desired, you’ll want to have the bigger space for your bedroom. Another important consideration to be made here is about the size of furniture that you’ll be using in your bedroom, the location of the windows as well as how you can be able to offer best possible traffic flow. When you think about all these factors, you will be able to determine how your bedroom can be separated from the rest of space.

Next you should divide your bedroom from the rest of your apartment and for this purpose you will need to have some aesthetically pleasing room dividers. Closed-back bookcases can be the best choice for rental apartments when it comes down to choosing room dividers. Allow your desired privacy to guide you here. In order to have complete separation of the space, you will have to use something which blocks your bedroom completely from view: a hanging curtain, furniture wall made of items like closed-back bookcases or entertainment center, or a folding screen can turn out to be some good choices in this regard. To make your space more open, you can go for open-back bookcases, a row of some potted plants or trees, or a curtain that is made from some see-through material like beads.

Less space is taken by the rocking chair as compared to an armchair, and it can be the last thing for furnishing your separate bedroom. If you have enough room available in the bedroom of Jacksonville apartments, make full use of it; however, if already there is too much stuff in the apartment then you may have to consider your options carefully. Try to use a single nightstand rather than a couple. Go for small furniture like rocking the chair or folding chair rather than the bulky armchair, a stool, the mirror mounted on the wall, etc. This will open up your space.