How to Place Furniture in Your Small Living Room


Arranging the furniture in small living spaces may present some challenge to you. The way furniture is placed will determine whether your room seems crowded & cluttered or inviting. Certain design elements are there which can be a source of providing your rental apartments Jacksonville with that feeling of the airiness. It is always important to optimize the flow of traffic across the room and get rid of all the clutter that may be out there. Using lighting in the most appropriate fashion can make your room have a visual illusion of looking big. The color scheme that you also employ plays a vital role. When all these elements are considered with a close eye, you’ll be able to develop a living space that has some style and looks more spacious than it ever used to be.

Determine your room’s focal point. The options you can have in this regard can be your fireplace, some big furniture piece or your entertainment center. The piece that you have chosen should be placed on room’s one end. The rest of your furniture should be placed in a way that it complements your focal point.

Right in front of the focal point, you should arrange an area for conversation. You can go for a couple of small chairs and a table in between or a large single sofa for this purpose. The chairs need to be pulled out from walls making the slight angle and facing one another. In case if the furniture in your apartments for rent in Jackson fly is lined up against one of the walls, it gives some boxy appearance to the room and emphasizes the small size of the room. The conversation space should further be defined by placing your area rug ahead of or underneath the chairs or sofa. Make sure that when you select the rug, you only go for soft color tones making sure that the room isn’t divided. The sofa or other chairs need to be placed in the way that they complement the arrangement that you have made. Ideally, there must be enough seating space to accommodate at least six people over a conversation.

When it is about small living spaces of efficiency apartments in Jacksonville, lighting becomes more crucial than ever. There must be a minimum of three light sources like floor lamps, table lamps, windows and the overhead lighting. Mirrors must be used for the sake of reflecting light creating the illusion of extra space. A couple of mirrors should be hung on the wall that opposes the source of light so that your room seems bigger.

Appropriate traffic flow is also important. The guests should move through the room easily. Any excess furniture and excess clutter should be ridden of when it doesn’t seem to fit in the room in any way.