Parkville Has That Small Town Charm With Big City Activities

Parkville, a small town in the state of Missouri, has a great deal for visitors to enjoy, especially considering they have less than 6,000 residents. It is located in Platte County, which is known in the state for its expansive forest system. The area is also well known for the college which is nestled in town, Park College.

One of the town’s biggest attractions is its nature sanctuary, which is known as The Parkville Nature Sanctuary. It was created by the town and is maintained and preserved by a large number of dedicated volunteers. With three miles of trails to enjoy, the entire park boasts a total of 115 acres of natural beauty. The park opens an hour before the sun rises and stays open until an hour after the sun sets, so that visitors can enjoy the various changes of lighting that occur through the day. This park is strictly for enjoyment so there is no camping, hunting, fishing, motorized vehicles or fires permitted, but you can picnic in the designated areas if you wish.

There is also a large number of things to see and do in town. There is a farmer’s market that is held from the spring into fall every Saturday. It is open from 7 am to noon. There you can find the best local produce as well as other items, many of which are handmade by local artisans.

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Parkville is a rather small town, so you will certainly feel quite at home upon your arrival, but there really is a lot to do. The best way to get the most from your visit is to ask the locals how they enjoy spending there time. They know more about the area than anybody.